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You have several options to pay for your advert on,

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You can make a transfer for your invoice amount to our Savings bank account. You receive the account information from us via SMS or you can find the details in the Customer area. But be careful: Unfortunately, not all savings banks offer the possibility to make cash deposits. If they do, then sometimes the charges can be very expensive. Sometimes up to 25 Euro. However, you can also pay your invoice through another bank such as the Postbank. There, the fees for making a deposit into our savings account are often cheaper. For example, the VR-Bank charges only 10 Euro for a cash deposit. The Postbank generally charges 15 Euro. It would be best, of course, if you have your own bank account. Then you would be able to pay your bills quickly and easily. You can find a few banks here.


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With you can simply pay your invoice total at the checkout of a REWE, Penny, Real, Eckert, Budnikowski or a mobilcom-debitel-Shop. You get a text message from us with a long number (bar code), which you show to the cashier. The cashier types in the bar code and you pay the indicated sum after a few seconds. A few minutes later, we will already know that you have paid. In the total there is already a small fee included, but it is lower than if you would pay in cash at the Postbank. In the SMS no indication of Rotlicht can be seen and you also do not have to say at the checkout that you would like to pay a Rotlicht bill. You get the normal receipt as a confirmation. Of course, you receive the real invoice from us. In order to pay with, please call us so that we can generate the SMS with the bar code for you. Where you can find a Rewe, Real or Penny, you can see in the Branch finder on or in the App, which you can download for free on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot pay for your advert at dm.


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Do you have a Paypal account? Then you can send the invoice total to We receive the information that you have paid straight away.


[learn_more caption=“Skrill:“]

Do you have a Skrill account? You can pay us with this too. It works just like Paypal. You need to send the total to our email address Again, we immediately get the information when the money is received.


[learn_more caption=“By post:“]

As a last resort you can also pay your invoice by mail, preferably by registered mail.
To: Thomas Schiller – Hagenower Strasse 5 – 19061 Schwerin


[learn_more caption=“Personally:“]

If you are in Schwerin, you are of course welcome to come to our office.
Hagenower Strasse 5 – 19061 Schwerin



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